Glock Reset Trigger

UPC: 11870882
Glock Reset Trigger

Glock Reset Trigger

UPC: 11870882
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Trigger Reset for Glock


This is unlike any other reset trigger kit on the market! It clicks like a real Glock trigger while activating the iDryfire® Cartridge.
This combination gives you the most dynamic dry fire laser training tool.

Once you have the Reset Trigger System installed, you can shoot as often as you’d like, with a realistic trigger pull, without “racking” the slide for each shot.

Combined with our iDryfire Target System and Dry fire laser cartridge, the Reset Trigger System is the most effective and cost-efficient way to become a faster and more accurate shooter.

We highly recommend having a certified Glock Armorer or an otherwise competent pistol-smith install your new Reset Trigger System.

If you decide to self-install the Reset Trigger System, please make a note of the following safety considerations:

Always double-check that the firearm is unloaded and the magazine is removed.
Remove all ammunition from your work area.

If you want to use the reset trigger with iDryfire, you will also need a laser insert:

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Conditions Of Use:

Each Trigger Reset system is designed and intended for use only in the firearm specified on the back label.

It is highly recommended that a qualified pistol-smith or certified Glock Armorer installs the Reset Trigger System.

The Reset Trigger System is sold with a 1-year warranty against design and manufacturer defects for the original, individual purchaser.

Liability Disclaimer:
The Reset Trigger System shall not be held liable for any incident or punitive, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from the resale or use, misuse, or installation of the Reset Trigger System.
No other written or oral statement by any representative or employee of the Reset Trigger System company shall supersede this disclaimer. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Daniel Lang
Once Past the Install

Works great once pass the install and making sure you remove the safety plunger.

Good practice tool

Works well. Provides more realistic practice. Use it with a laser cartridge and the laser targets.

9mmGen5 ResetTriggerOnly

Fantastic service. Shipped fast. This trigger is highly recommended for dry fire training with a Glock. Coupled with a laser and you’ll have some of the best dry fire training there is.
This trigger kit dropped right into my G45 no problem. One thing to note is, Gen5 chambers seem to have a touch more headspace than previous generations. In Gen5s, some different brand lasers may require you to unscrew the backcap up to just a half turn not much at all. Basically you are lengthening your laser so the firing pin reaches the switch pad. Works great!
If you are contemplating this reset trigger, get it and pair it with a laser! You’ll love it! The money you’ll save on ammo and the build up of muscle memory in your grip and sight picture will pay this off and then some.

Henry Moore
Excellent training aid

Great tool for dry fire training/practice with a laser cartridge. Lets you train the way you would respond in a self defense situation (multiple shots on multiple targets without racking the slide between each shot). Fairly easy to install and remove. On the expensive side (one time expense) but mine has already payed for itself in ammo costs. While the Glock Reset Trigger is installed in the firearm, the Glock MUST NOT BE USED FOR LIVE FIRE. Again, it’s easy to switch back to stock parts to restore your live fire capability. I use it in my Glock 26 Gen 3 with the Mantis Laser Academy and a Pink Rhino laser cartridge. Now, with thousands of timed/scored dry fires in the rear view, I know the Glock Reset Trigger was a good investment.

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