Clip-n-shoot vs. iDryfire Pro: Which is best for you?

So you're ready for dry-fire training—but which product is right for you?

Whether you're looking for a mobile-first approach or a more computer-based experience, we've got the perfect solution for your shooting needs.

Check out our product comparison below to see which of our products is the best fit for your needs.

If you're planning on using a red laser, Clip-n-shoot is the way to go. This low-cost training package includes a target that clips onto your phone, and it's guaranteed to work with iDryfire laser cartridges. It's also perfect for mobile users: no computer required! Just clip the target on, load your gun, and start training. (also, if you bundle a laser cartridge + Clip-n-Shoot, you can save some money!)


iDryfire Pro is perfect if you'd rather use your computer for dry fire training purposes. iDryfire pro allows you to use 2 cameras, which provides a more dynamic training experience and helps to measure your "trigger jerk". You'll also be able to use invisible lasers with iDryfire Pro, which will force you to rely on your sights (rather than a laser dot) in order to hit the target. (you can also save a bit of money bundling iDryfire laser cartridges + iDryfire Pro!)

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