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iDryfire® Dual Camera Target System

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iDryfire® Dual Cam

For those of you who want to spice up your dry fire training, try out iDryfire® Dual Cam! Works with RED or INFRARED laser devices!

Package Includes:

  • 1x iDryfire® Dual Software (for Windows + macOS)
  • 2x Sensor Cameras
  • 2x tripods


It includes all the same great features as the iDryfire® Basic but now with the addition of a second camera.



App Features:

PAR TIME – Imaging you want to practice drawing from a holster then hit a target with 1 shot, all within 3 seconds. You would set PAR TIME to 3 seconds. After the START signal, draw your pistol and take 1 shot at the target. Three seconds later you'll hear the PAR TIME beep signifying the end of the session. Any hits on target after the par time signal will not be registered.

NUMBER OF SHOT – The selection will indicate the number of shots for the current session.

AUTO RESTART – With this option, the session will start without your interference. The time selection will depend on how much time you will need to get ready for the next session.

MARKSMANSHIP – Now you can trace the gun movement after the shot.

  •  Dual Cam mode allows you to add another dimension to your training.
  • Improve your target acquisition by adding another target in a different direction, which will force you to turn and refocus your sights on the new target.
  • Compatible with iTargetPRO, LaserAmmo, or Laser Academy from Mantis.
  • Anywhere you have a computer, you have an iDryfire® training system


Setup Instructions

iDryfire Instructions

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