Getting started with iDryfire Guide


Step 1: Install iDryfire Software

  • Locate the download link and license key on the card in your iDryfire box


▪ Download and install the software (
▪ Apply your license key
Note: Your license key can be used only for one device.

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Step 2: Plug the camera into your computer


Step 3: Mount target on wall


Step 4: Point camera at target and adjust focus (if needed)


Check the outer casing of your camera for the manual focus ring. This plastic ring is usually set within the frame of the cam.
Turning the ring adjusts the focus, just like on a microscope or a camera lens.

Click HERE for more information to how focus your camera lens.


Tips and Tricks:


Make sure no reflective objects are in the view of the camera. This could cause the camera to pick up reflections instead of laser dots.


Avoid placing targets near windows that have direct sunlight

The sunlight from the window can throw off the sensitivity of the camera

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