iDryfire® Pro Target System

UPC: 87303842
iDryfire® Pro Target System
iDryfire Comatible iTarget Mantis Laser Academy LaseHit ELMS G-SIGHT
iDryfire Comatible iTarget Mantis Laser Academy LaseHit ELMS G-SIGHT
iDryfire® Pro Target System
iDryfire Comatible iTarget Mantis Laser Academy LaseHit ELMS G-SIGHT
iDryfire Comatible iTarget Mantis Laser Academy LaseHit ELMS G-SIGHT
iDryfire® Pro Target System
iDryfire® Pro Target System
iDryfire® Pro Target System
iDryfire® Pro Target System
iDryfire® Pro Target System

iDryfire® Pro Target System

UPC: 87303842

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  • 2 USB Sensor Camera in Metal Enclosure
  • 2 Lightweight Tripods offers a 360-degree pan and 90-degree tilt so you can get the perfect, steady shot every time
  • STICKER with Download Information
  • (Targets are not included) 

iDryfire Pro requires a laser device, a Windows or MacOS computer, and plain paper target.

Add a laser cartridge or training simulator from the choices above to save some money!

  • Dry Fire RED Laser Cartridges (not included). COMPATIBLE with all laser devices ( iDryfire, Laserlyte, LaserAmmo, iTarget, Mantis Laser Academy, LaserHit, G-Sight, Pink Rhino, Elms, SIRT, etc.)
  • RED or GREEN Laser Training Guns (not included). COMPATIBLE with iMarksman, SIRT, and other Laser Pistols


The selection will indicate the number of shots for the current session.

SET A SHOT ALLOWANCE Set the number of shots available for the current session.


Imaging you want to practice drawing from a holster, then hit a target with one shot, all within 3 seconds. You would set PAR TIME to 3 seconds. After the START signal, draw your pistol and take one shot at the target. Three seconds later, you'll hear the PAR TIME beep signifying the end of the session. Any hits on target after the par time signal will not be registered.

iMarksmanship Mode

Now, you can trace the gun movement after the shot.

NO Subscription | NO Calibration 

Works with RED / GREEN / IR (invisible) Laser Devices

iDryfire® Pro 

Dry-firing is the act of practicing firearm manipulation without ammunition, aimed at building skills used in live fire or competition.

Take your dry fire training to the next level with iDryfire® Pro!

Experience an innovative and effective way of improving your shooting skills. Don't settle for ordinary training when you can make it extraordinary with iDryfire® Pro! 

Our product is fully optimized to work with both Windows and MAC OS operating systems. You can rely on our technology to deliver seamless performance and maximum efficiency, regardless of your preferred platform. Choose our product today and experience the confidence of using a reliable, versatile solution. 

  •  Dual Cam mode allows you to add another dimension to your training.
  • Improve your target acquisition by adding another target in a different direction, forcing you to turn and refocus your sights on the new target.
  • Compatible with iTargetPRO, LaserAmmo, or Laser Academy from Mantis.
  • Anywhere you have a computer, you have an iDryfire® training system.


Package Includes:

  • 1x iDryfire® Dual Software (for Windows + macOS)
  • 2x Sensor Cameras
  • 2x tripods



  • Download the Software and enter the license key
  • Place the Targets on the wall
  • Aim the Cameras at the Targets
  • SELECT the exact number of shots that will be available for this session.
  • This mode is for those who want to add challenges to their practice, such as drawing and shooting or reloading and shooting.
  • Specify the number of sessions per exercise, with an automatic start delay.
  • The Total and Split time feature displays the duration between shots.


  • START DELAY: Random Start.
  • AUTO RESTART: Delay before starting the next session.
  • SENSITIVITY: Level of the sensitivity to the laser in different environments 


  • START SOUND: Ability to choose the starting BUZZ
  • FINISH SOUND: Ability to choose the sound at the end of SHOOTING TIME.
  • SHOT SOUND: Verity of the SHOT sounds.
  • STEEL SOUND: Verity of the STEEL sounds after the target is hit 

MARKSMANSHIP – Now, you can trace the gun movement after the shot (for SIRT pistols only).

Please watch the following hints from World Best Shooters:  

JJ Racaza discusses proper grip techniques: 

Eric Grauffel: proper draw during dry fire drills: 

Eric Grauffel: how to practice proper trigger resets: 

Setup Instructions

Click HERE to Download FREE TARGETS

Dry fire is the practice of firearm manipulation without any ammunition. The focus is on building competency and core skills using the equipment used in live fire. Upgrade your target practice games & rubber guns for training with our digital target lasr training system designed by professionals. Our electronic gun target devices is perfect for indoor practice and gives you an unmatched level of realism. This electronic target game is compatible with any 9mm laser training cartridge, 380 laser training cartridge, 9mm laser bullet or laser bullet 45. Our laser target practice shooting kit allows for home target or indoor target practice anytime. We've taken our years of experience building laser firearms accessories and brought that expertise directly to you. Our coolfire trainer is compatible with all common red/green IR lasers, and the light and allows you to measure improvements in your shot placement accurately. If you are looking for dry fire ar-15 accessories, ar15 accesories, ar pistol accessories, glock 22 accessories, glock 45 accessories, hellcat 9mm accessories, SIRT pistol, hunting targets & accessories, laser bullet 9mm for dry firing, m&p 15-22 accessories, m&p shield 9mm accessories, m&p shield accessories, pistol accessories 9mm,. pistol targets, pistol targets for shooting range, sd9ve accessories, sirt training pistol, or even target practice shooting paper give our electric scoring auto reset shooting digital target system a try. Our laser target game provides drill-based target simulations for pistols and handguns. Our system is designed to be used with any 9mm laser bullet dry fire, 45 colt laser, digital bullet, dry fire laser training system 9mm, laser dry fire training system 9mm, laser trainer 9mm or pistol practice laser. The iDryfire Laser Target is sold with a 1-year warranty against design and manufacturer defects for the original, individual purchaser. Our Class II 1mW device receiver is designed for Class I, Class II & Class 3a (3R) under 4.99mW

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Steven Meldrum

Fun fun fun

Todd Eldridge
Loving iDryFire!!!

I'm continuing to tweak my setup with a variety of targets using three cameras in a large basement/garage - "Cheating" and using a projector with moving targets on one... ;)
The iDryfire Pro Target System is very flexible and easy to setup... even easier to get creative and think outside the usual camera "box" with the addition of high quality USB extension cables.
Thanks for creating and selling a very affordable and high quality dry fire target system!

Richard Harris
Easy to use!

Super quick to set up and use! Great features which will assist with dry fire feedback since we here in Australia are pretty short of powder and primers for 9mm!!

Ed Moser
Haven't tried it yet.

It might be a while before I try it. I using the laser targets and they are ok. Much smaller than expected. I have Laser Target from Laserlite which are bigger. I'm pushing your smaller targets to my shooting customers by the price being much less than Laserlite. If they were larger, they would sell faster.

The Rotten One Repents
Best Thing For Dry Fire

Thinking About Getting It? Stop Thinking And Get It. Awesome. Works Great And Definitely Improves Your Dry Fire. Then If You Can Afford It Get The Cool Fire Recoiling System. Thanks And God Bless.

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