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iDryfire Target PC System & SIRT Training Handgun Red Laser


iDryfire® is used for home (classroom) dry fire practice with a training gun or your own firearm and regular paper/carton targets.


Product Description

You will need:

  • Laptop/Desktop computer (Window 7 / 8/10)
  • Paper Targets

How Does it Work:

  1. Simply place any paper target on the wall
  2. Start iDryfire®
  3. Aim camera at the target
  4. Click Background Check to make sure the Environment is not too Bright (make sure there are no white spots..if any – lower the brightness in Setting or change the Background)
  5. In settings you can
    • select 255 for SIRT or other powerful laser and less than 230 for dry fire laser inserts
    • select Select Par-Time, Number of shots
    • select Slow, Normal or Fast for speed speed of the sensor.
  6. Click iDryfire to start training.
  7. Click History to review images and results from your previous sessions.
  8. You can reactivate the program by pointing laser at the target for second or two.


Please contact us for shipping charges and other Fees